Product Development

Our goal is the development of software that is unique and satisfies the needs of our customers but more importantly it's a competitive and quality software finished on time.

For effective working partnership we assess your needs with you. Based on the above, our goal is the development of the best possible product and the formulating of unique ideas into competitive end results. Through our many years of experience, we can help even if the client does not have a specific idea. To keep our customers involved during the development process we offer continuous updates. Thus, by bringing the ideas to life we can develop a more competitive software.
System Integration

Our main area of expertise is the development of IT systems for small and large companies.

It is important that within an information system the various components are integrated with each other, which can eliminate the waste of human resources. Using this approach we can offer outstanding performance in matching different manufacturers' products as well. The integrations is always formed to follow international standards and recommendations.

A commonly used term during which a company allocates some of its business to an external service provider.

The many advantages of outsourcing are the reduction of the internal resources and the ability to handle extra costs. Partnership agreements allow you to make easier decisions about larger costs, just like with larger orders or when undertaking any major internal remodel. The number of experts grows through partnerships.
Project Management

During the development of a product there are several steps to undertake from the assessment of needs and planning to the delivery of the product.

With our many years of professional experience we can provide project management support. It's essential for a leader to be able to control, define tasks and set up milestones. It is also necessary to recognize dependencies of tasks, be able to appoint a person in charge, determine milestone costs and risks, recognize opportunities to reduce cost and risk, request reports and monitor the work process. If necessary, interruption of the development process by changing: time, target resources (money, people, equipment) optimization and to ensure transparency.

We are able to test existing software.

We can undertake software testing using different testing methodologies with both private tools and tools available in the market. We can perform all tests from component and system tests to acceptance tests. The testing process consists not only of doing tests but of appointing the testers, the evaluation of the results and the preparation of reports. We can guarantee the completion of these tasks at short notice.

The most important step in the introduction and use of information systems is filling them with initial data.

The key to the system is the data, it is essential for data migration, namely the coordination of different data sources, eliminating any inconsistencies and the creation of error-free data. The time required for data migration largely depends on the data source and the available structures. We can only determine an exact timeframe if we are in possession of this information.
Testing     Migration